Very similar to a cataract operation, this procedure is effectively a cataract operation before a cataract has formed. Refractive lens exchange or RLE involves removing the natural lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens.

This option works well if your glasses or contact lenses are very strong and you’re becoming dependent on your reading glasses. If you’re over 40 and want a permanent solution for vision correction, this is a good alternative to laser eye surgery.

The artificial lens which is inserted corrects the focusing power of your eye to improve your unaided vision and reduce your dependence on glasses. Refractive lens exchange works well with the more technically advanced multifocal implants and can correct any prescription error including long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism.

RayOne Trifocal Lens

RayOne Trifocal Lens

Mr Baranyovits uses the Rayner Trifocal lens, which offers both good intermediate and distance vision. This is important if you want to reduce your dependency on wearing spectacles when using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, shopping and driving. In fact, some people find they don’t need glasses at all.



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