The anaesthetic.

Mr Baranyovits’ priority is that you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe during the operation. Eye surgery can cause undue stress and worry, and so he will make your experience as stress-free as possible. You can choose any type of anaesthetic from a simple local anaesthetic or sedation to a full general anaesthetic. After a chat, we will choose an anaesthetic that is suitable for you.

Most procedures are performed with a local anaesthetic and you are awake throughout the procedure. The local anaesthetic varies from drops to an injection, which is given through a small tube (not a needle) placed under the conjunctiva, which lies on the white of the eye. This is the same as any other local anaesthetic given elsewhere and you will feel no pain. If required, a sedative can also be given which will relax you, and you may remember little about the operation.

Alternatively, you may prefer a general anaesthetic if you think that you would find the operation stressful under local anaesthetic. With a general anaesthetic, you are given an injection in the back of your hand and are asleep throughout the operation.


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