Peter Baranyovits played a major part in the development of toric lens implants in the UK.


He worked closely on developing a topic lens with the UK’s major lens manufacturer, and one of his patients became the first person in the country to benefit from these lenses. They proved extremely effective and are now in regular use around the world.


So how do cataracts form?

The lens in your eye lies just behind your pupil and is about one centimetre across. It focuses light onto the back of your eye where the image is then sent to your brain. When you are young, your lens is usually crystal clear, but as you age it becomes discoloured and hazy. When this starts to affect your vision we call the lens a cataract. This can happen at any age although it is more common with advancing years.

Typical early symptoms of cataract are light scatter for example, when you get dazzle from oncoming car headlights at night, and increased short-sightedness which means that you need a stronger spectacle or contact lens prescription. Or your vision just might not seem as good as it used to be. Later, your vision might become blurry and colours dulled.

Cataract surgery is now performed much earlier than before. So if your vision is starting to bother you or interfering with your work, driving or reading, then it’s time to contact Peter Baranyovits.



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